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The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis Forty years ago, Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky wrote a series of breathtakingly original studies undoing our assumptions about the decision-making process.
Thank You for Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman We all sense it - something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your kids. You can't miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are being transformed in so many realms all at once - and it is dizzying.
Moonglow by Michael Chabon Following on the heels of his New York Times-bestselling novel Telegraph Avenue, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon delivers another literary masterpiece: a novel of truth and lies, family legends, and existential adventure-and the forces that work to destroy us.
The Marriott Cell by Mohamed Fahmy Award-winning journalist Mohamed Fahmy's widely anticipated account of his wrongful incarceration in Cairo's maximum-security Scorpion Prison for terrorists and political leaders, and his subsequent battle for justice, opens a remarkable window onto the closed world of Islamic fundamentalism and the bloody geopolitical struggles that dominate our headlines.
The Reckoning by Nathan Greenfield Following on the heels of his book The Forgotten comes a new book about the lives of Canadian prisoners of war in the First World War.   Meet Nathan at Perfect Books on Sunday, December 11th from 1 to 3 p.m.

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The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

The_DovekeepersThe Dovekeepers, Alice Hoffman, Scribners, $18.00

The first novel I read by Alice Hoffman was Practical Magic. I was smitten immediately , even though the many covers the book has had over the years leave much to be desired -- I even threatened to wrap every one of them in brown paper!  Most of her books have been past Features, not all though because as much as I love her work and the lyricism of her writing, she can be a bit uneven at times.  But in taking on the full weight of a historical novel -- much less the tragedy of Masada two thousand years ago, she has launched herself to a whole new level of storytelling.  One she takes on with her impressive gift for character, language and insight. ,
Told from the perspective of four women, she brings to life the story of nearly one thousand Jews who fled from the advancing Romans to a mountain, Masada in the Judean desert.  They held out for months until the Romans finally broke down the walls only to find them all dead, choosing suicide to butchery and slavery.  As each narrator tells her story: Yael, (daughter of an assassin), Shirah; (herbalist and wise woman), Revka and her mute grandsons, and Aziza, (raised as a boy and determined to fight the Romans) -- we fall away into a time of fear and passion, resignation and magic told with such fervor and talent -- it takes your breath away.

Comparisons have been made to Anita Diamant's "Red Tent" but I would also compare it to Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Mists of Avalon".  But believe me when I say the history of her past novels only slightly prepares you for this book.  In tackling such a subject and taking on not just one fiercely independent and strong woman, but four unique aspects of the archetype, she has created a "women's" masterwork that will be loved by book clubs and course work alike.  In tying to explain the complexity of this novel, I am once again struck by how hard it is to do justice in a review.  So here goes: "Just read the damn thing, you'll be passing it around to friends for years to come".

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Christmas Week Hours Extended!!

We'll remain open until 9 p.m. from Monday, December 19th through Friday December 23rd. On Christmas eve, we'll be open from 10 until 4 p.m.


William McElligott's new Ottawa book - December 17th

Wille has once again created a treasure for all of us who like to brag about this beautiful city. And we're fortunate to be able to host Willie again on Saturday, December 17h, at Perfect Books from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is your chance to acquire a signed first edition copy of a stunning keepsake. Check out the cover here and came and see the book in our store.


Governor General's Award Winners

Seven wonderful titles were chosen and are now proudly displayed in the store. Check them out with this link.


Nathan Greenfield - The Reckoning

We're delighted to welcome our friend and local historian Nathan Greenfield to the store on Sunday, December 11th from 1 to 3 p.m. He will be signing copies of his new book, The Reckoning (Harper Collins Canada). The signed copy will make an excellent book for the history buff in the family.

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We've made a determined effort to have in stock a great many of the New York Times list of notable books for 2016 as well as the Globe & Mail's top 100 books of 2016. We think you'll be impressed and we hope you'll be inspired



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